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Posted By Admin , In Hot Topics / Manchester Escorts / 14 Jul , 2015 / 0 Comments

Who is out there putting an age limit on sex? Surely whilst the over 50s may choose to enjoy sex in less athletic positions than the rampant 20 year old, those intimate and even raunchy moments are still very much on the agenda. In a long term relationship it may not be the matter of how many years you have lived on this earth, but the number of years you have climbed into the same bed that may be the trouble. Familiarity may indeed breed contempt, or for the very lucky ones it may bring about an even closer and more rewarding closeness that will keep things alive.

But, many guys in their middle years suddenly discover that they have found a renewed interest in meeting sexy ladies, but ones that come with a free and easy attitude, preferring fun rather than relationships, the classy escort who discreetly, but with enthusiasm and imagination, ignites the interest and re-fuels the desires. Consequently many guys start spending some inspirational quality time with escorts and discovering that this is more fun than they have had in years. They also find that they are putting in performances than would be admired by guys half their age and that they have not forgotten how to have a good time in the bedroom.

Sex can be better as the decades slip by, through the 40s, 50s and 60s and beyond, than it was in the supposedly virile years of youth; the sex these guys are enjoying is for sensual gratification and pleasurable relaxation rather than the urgent drive of testosterone. Some gentlemen find delight in meeting up with young girls whose perfect bodies are a visual joy, whilst some prefer the mature escort, usually a lot younger than themselves but with more experience and a subtle approach to love making. The older guys find that after years of repetitious sex at home the excitement of breaking loose and enjoying a much wider variety of sexual partners, techniques and experiences takes years off of them overnight! They certainly find themselves with a spring in their step and a smile on their face, in fact the vision of the cat that got the cream.
So live a long and healthy sex life, stop counting numbers relating to every year that passes and start counting the number of superb escorts that you have enjoyed since as an older guy you discovered what it is like to be mature and liberated in the 21st century.

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